Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Half-Time Heroes has arrived

ADDICTED to the round ball? Read through the daily press, various blogs, forums and still can't get enough football?

Well, now there's a new monthly fix, Half-Time Heroes, an online fanzine combining a bit of serious analysis with a bundle of laughs.

The bumper first edition is out, a couple of days ahead of the new season, and can be found at the following link;


Editors Eamonn Flanagan and Con Stamocostas have done an outstanding job bringing it together, putting up with late arriving copy (guilty!) and crys of "mate, it's so much work" (guilty again!). Well done boys.

It contains an engaging foreword from the engaging pissant Kate Ellis, some absolute gems from resident cartoonist Wayne Snowden and enough thought-provoking copy from around the country to keep you glued for hours.

45 pages, 25 scribes, enjoy it all and let the editors know your thoughts by dropping a comment either here or anywhere.


Blogger Hamish said...

I do miss your A-League Round Wraps.

No pressure.

Mon Aug 17, 02:57:00 PM AEST  
Blogger The Round Ball Analyst said...

hey hamish, hope you're well.

Some of my stuff, including reviews of rds 1 n 2, have been over at theroar.com.au

Not the brisbane roar, just the roar.

Tue Aug 18, 01:15:00 PM AEST  
Blogger tagskie said...

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Sun Sep 06, 09:00:00 AM AEST  
Anonymous The Australian Soccer Experience said...

Nice work - always good to hear a fans perspectve

Fri Oct 09, 03:10:00 PM AEDT  
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Anonymous Steven said...

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Miss your blog.

Sun Nov 08, 04:36:00 AM AEDT  
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