Monday, April 27, 2009

Bang on Bozza

PROPHETIC work from the former Socceroos gloveman, this time from the comfort of the analyst's chair in Fox's Pyrmont studios. Speaking during Saturday night's EPL coverage, and before the Man U v Spurs game, the subject invariably switched to Sir Alex Ferguson's sideline rant in the FA Cup semi final loss to Everton, when the United manager went ballistic when his team wasn't awarded a penalty.

Paraphrased, Bozza's analysis went something like this;

"Sir Alex knew exactly what he was doing, turning up the heat on the premier league officials and planting a thought in their mind. He's a bully boy, he's been doing it for years, and mark my word, it'll work."

Sure enough, a few hours later, that moment arrived, Howard Webb awarding a dubious penalty when Utd were 2-0 down, thus shifting the momentum of the game and title back in Utd's favour.

Undoubtedly there's a bit of history between Ferguson and Bosnich, but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one in Oz banging on about Sir Alex being the bully boy of English football.

Speaking of great work in the analysts chair, compliments to both Craig Foster and Andy Harper for some spot on stuff of late.

During a recent TWG episode, SBS showed some footage of the wonderful Kawasake 5-0 thumping of the Mariners, including a segment highlighting the outstanding work of their skipper, Kengo Nakamura, who's every touch that night was top shelf. Complemented by Foster's voice-over, it highlighted the Japanese international's ability to turn into space, see things a step ahead of everyone else, and thus dictate the tempo of the game. Foster likened Nakamura's night to the work we've seen down-under from Yasuhito Endo, who I've been rattling on about on here for the past few years. If I had to draw another analogy, I would also have likened Nakamura's night to the one we saw from Ghana's dread-locked midfielder Laryea Kingston on this night 11 months ago. Nothing like watching a quality central midfielder own a game.

Meanwhile, during another recent ACL night, Wednesday's clash between Newcastle and Nagoya, Harper made a call, not too long into the game, that Newcastle fans will be praying that Fabio Vignaroli, back from a hamstring injury, can get through the game without re-doing it. They were the words of an ex-player who had undoubtedly seen and been through his fair share of soft-tissue injuries. Low and behold, the Italian, so influential early, went down a few minutes later, much to the detriment of the Jets' play.


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