Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Endo, just Eto'o?

AFTER his recent exploits in the ACL and at last year's Asian Cup, a little guttered there'll be no Yasuhito Endo at the Olympic Games.

But for those of you who have been following the exploits of Uzbekistan's Kuruvchi in the ACL due to the quality of the likes of Djeparov and Kapadze, the news that they've been linked with Samuel Eto'o sure will have grabbed your attention. If it comes off, and Barca have said it's unlikely, it would sure send the frighteners through the likes of Kashima, Gamba, Urawa, Saipa, Al Karama and Adelaide. In the meantime, he's also been linked with the Olympics, so who knows where we'll next see Sam?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TT, should have taken your advice about the Uzbek side at the start of the champions league. What were their odds?


Sat. Jul. 19, 07:48:00 am AEST  
Anonymous Guido said...

Sorry to use RBA for a plug, bus some Melbourne Victory supporters have released their latest fanzine and it is a very interesting read if you want to know how some active fans see how the support in the A-league is being stifled.


Fri. Jul. 25, 09:53:00 am AEST  

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