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England vs Germany Live

International Friendly from Wembley
Refresh screen every couple of minutes

Hope you enjoyed the coverage, do revist TRBA soon.

Germany controlled much of the second period and always looked likely on the counter-attack, with Kevin Kuranyi always looking a threat. As the match went on, lahm looked more comfortable in midfield, while Hitzelsberger and Scheinder were excellent. Debutant Chrsitain pander was shacky early but got better with the game and his goal will be the long-lasting memory from this game. England still have plenty to ponder ahead of the crunch Euro qualifiers against Israel and Russia, but on the evidence of this, McLaren still doesn't convince.

While england created a couple of half-chances ion the second period, especially when they got the ball wide, it was a fairly confortable second half for jens lehmann.

Hard to feel sorry for England. Instead of bringing on Jermaine Defoe on in the second period, McLaren brings on Crouch, who is suspended for the important Euro qualifier against Israel anyway. Against tall and physical defenders like mertasacker and metzelder, that's bread and butter defending for germany

94' FULL TIME, England 1- Germany 2

94' kuranyi holds off two defenders and fires just over.

93' shorey does well down the left, but cross cut off bny lehmann.

91' beckhaep m dropping deinot his own half to play a long diagnol ball aimed at crouch. comes to nothing.

90' schneider off, excellent game, 4 minutes off stoppages.

89' this is playing right into germany's hands. they can sit back and pick england off on the counter.

87' Kuranyi, who missed out on the world cup squad, doing an excellent job up front in shielding the ball and waiting for his teammates. england running out of ideas and starting to revert to type - the long ball.

84' a nothing long ball from terry from which germany counter-attack swiftly and earn a corner. good delivery from pander, dealt with by james

82' germany now look in reasonable control at the back.

78' England doing most of the attacking, especially through wright-phillips, but germany looking lively on the counter. nicely poised.

76' beckham corner, terry header, cleared off the line by mertasacker.

72' change for germany, Rolfes on

72' great ball/cross from wright-phillips, with numbers driving from midfield lampard gets on the end of it but cant control.

70' another change for england. shaun wright-phillips for joe cole. decent perfromance from cole, one of england's best.

68' beckham starting to get more of the ball

66' now the tempo is lifting, beckham in behind down the right and squares it up for dyer who, under pressure from metzelder, lunges but puts it wide. good chance for england, a rare time in behind.

65' right on cue, a couple of great long passes from both sides create half chances. first schneider clips in a delighful ball over the kuranyi and then beckham plays in dyer.

63' not the greatest start to the second period, the changes have taken a bit shape out of the game.

60' Not the greatest contribution up front from owen and smith. both struggled to get inot the game and were well looked by mertasacker and metzelder, two quality defenders, first choice at the world cup.

58' shorey gets forward, plays a square ball to cole, who shoots from distance but wide.

57' more england changes. Crouch and Dyer on for Owen and Smith respectively.

55' England change. carrick replaced by Gareth Barry.

54' Germany change. Stuttgart's Roberto Hilbert comes on for Odonkor.

50' german midfeild starting to function well with lahm, schneider and histz getting on top.

47' david james with an opportunity to stake a claim for starting role in the upcoming euro qualifier against Israel, especially after robinson's mistake

46' second half starts with richards tucking in to central defnce and wes brown being pushed to the right. surprising given the excellent contribution from richards going forward in the first period.

A couple of changes for england at the break. David James from Robinson in goal and Wes Brown for Ferdinand in central defence.

Two excellent goals, the first from lampard, opening himself up and balsting it first time from inside the box, the second from pander a thunderbolt, teed up by some neat work in midfield from lahm.

Hitzeslberger warmed up with a couple of long range efforts before Schalke debutant christian Pandar blasted one on the left peg, a wonderful drive that was too much fro robinson to deal with. it fizzed by him and gave german the lead. even then england came back, with owen having two excellent chances to equalise, one a header, one from a spill by lehmann.

Wonderfully open game, england dominating early with richards down the right and cole down the left doing most of the damage, but as they do, germany were able to get themselves back in the game. as soon as they had a shair of the possession the chances started to come and they were able to find a bit of space between the england midfeild and attack.

HALF-TIME, England 1- Germany 2.

45' owen blasts wide after lehmann spills a ball into his path. tight angle from the right but it was a great chance and owen probably rushed it a bit

43' pander struggled early but is growing with the game. the strike will give him enormous confidence.

41' back come england, owen header well saved by lehmann. end to end.

40' GOAL to germany, 1-2. Panar with with outrageous strike from distance on the left peg, great hit.

40' match evenly poised, germany looking good when they have the ball.

37' richards drives down the right and wins a freekick edge of the box, beckham's free kick dealt with by german header.

34' cole gives away a free kick in midfield and earns a yellow. robinson troubled by the excellent free kick from pander, with the header just over.

32' back come engalnd with a free kick to beckham on the left, whipped in to the near post where the near post flick on evades everyone at the back post, then beckham plays in lampard with a lovely ball but he is denied by lehmann.

30' in robinson 's defence it wasnt the easiest ball to deal with, one of those wicked crosses

28' fair to say it's a mistake from robinson but the defence to was equally asleep to let kuranyi to pounce with almost his first touch.

26' GOAL to germany, 1-1. hitz gets forward and drives one of ther right peg this time, spilled by robinson. it falls to schneider on the right who whips in an early cross to the near post which catches out robinson. he cant deal with it and it falls to kuranyi for the easiest of tap-ins

23' germany getting into it. hitzeslberger hits one on his left peg, just wide.

21' it's taken germany 20minutes but final theyve been able to muster a counter attack, breaking down the right through odonkor. he wins a free kick against shorey which leads to a corner, from which metzelder heads wide. at least it's a relief for germany to be at the other end.

18' interestingly fro germany lahm is playing in the holding role alongside his captain schneider but he is struggling to get into the game.

16' german left back is chrsitian pander, making his debut, struggling early as richards runs at him and wins a free kick. pander was the player exposed one on one by richards in the build up to the goal.

14' germany prepared to sit back early allowing england to build from the back and have paid for that. england having far too much tim on the ball.

12' quality strike from lampard but neat work in the build up from richards who has been playing in central defence for man city but is back on the right side in this game.

9' GOAL to ENGLAND. richards makes a nice run down the right, cut's inside and plays lampard in. he blasts one with the right foot with his first touch, hammering it past lehmann

9' England starting to dominate, joe cole the main threat.

5' Quiet start, england winning a couple of free kicks in midfeild, both teams feeling their way in.

Germany; Lehmann, Freidrich, Mertasacker, Metzelder, Pander; Lahm, Schneider, histzelsberger; Odonkor, Kuranyi,

England lining up as follows; Robinson; micah richards, ferdinand, terry, shorey; beckham, carrick, lampard, joe cole; smith, owen.

Welcome to this coverage of the friendly between england and germany, live on TRBA. its a late start due to to the late arrival of tghe german team. Both teams are descimated with injury.


Blogger Hamish said...

Quite apart from the game, which I didn't follow to tell the truth, this is great stuff. Great writing, and innovative use of Blogger. If you were to be doing this sort of thing semi-regularly, you need some sort of dominant "Coming Up on TRBA" box in the sidebar.

Streaming is great.

Thu Aug 23, 07:48:00 am AEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Looking at the Germany line up in your article, did they play with 10 men!!!


Fri Aug 24, 01:33:00 pm AEST  
Blogger The Round Ball Analyst said...

macka, trust you to pick that one would have been going through the formation in your head...

truth is i knew i was one short but had no idea how to spell his name....Piotr Trochowski his name is, plays for Hamburg in the Bundesliga...

he played on the left side of a 4-3-3 here, so they lined up as such;


Fri Aug 24, 03:03:00 pm AEST  
Anonymous Macka said...


Well you just spelt it!!!

Fri Aug 24, 03:53:00 pm AEST  

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