Friday, July 20, 2007

Don't have Fox, can't get to a bar....

...but still want to keep up with tomorrow's match?

ABC RADIO have come to the party, confirming they will be providing national coverage of tomorrow’s quarter final, plus the semi and final should Australia progress.

The Japan game will be broadcast via a combination of ABC News Radio and ABC Local Radio, with any remaining Socceroos matches broadcast entirely on ABC Local Radio.

Here are the details;

ABC News Radio from 8.15pm EST on Brisbane 936 AM, Darwin 102.5 FM, Melbourne 1026 AM, Adelaide 972AM, Perth 585 AM, Hobart 747 AM, Northern Tasmania 92.5 FM, Gold Coast 95.7 FM.
ABC Local Radio from approx 9pm EST in NSW, Queensland and the ACT.
ABC Local Radio from approx 9.30pm EST in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory.
Semi Final and Final (if Australia progress)
Full Broadcast on ABC Local Radio

My understanding is the match will be called by Aaron Kearney and Phil Dando.


Anonymous Guido said...

About time.

Considering that Radio Australia is mainly targeted at Asia. The almost complete diregard for the event is appalling.

Fri. Jul. 20, 05:27:00 pm AEST  
Blogger Hamish said...

Tony, this is brilliant news. I was thinking I'd miss the match for various reasons. Radio is better than nothing.

I do think we're going to get trashed anyway, so maybe it won't hurt as much with my eyes, effectively, closed.

Fri. Jul. 20, 09:20:00 pm AEST  
Anonymous Monarch said...

Do you have a source for this information? There's nothing on the ABC News Radio, ABC 774 Melbourne web or ABC Corporate press release sites.

The ABC switch-board told me this this morning (11am, 21/7) that it will only be on News Radio - not local radio - from 8:15pm.

Sat. Jul. 21, 11:39:00 am AEST  
Blogger The Round Ball Analyst said...

Monarch, trust you were able to tune in? source was ffa

Mon. Jul. 23, 01:41:00 pm AEST  

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