Saturday, October 21, 2006

Praise to Petka and his fellow custodians

A QUICK word of best wishes to Jason Petkovic after last night's sickening leg-break at Bluetongue. As a former custodian, it's always sad to see one of the brave men at the back go down to a long term injury like this, particularly when it's involving a 50-50 challenge with one of his best mates and godfather of his kids, Frogger Mori. In truth, it looked like the break actually came from the impact of Simon Colosimo's challenge, and Perth and many fans of the A-League will be hoping the central midfielder isn't also out for a long period after an excellent start to the season two. In a new role, Colosimo was very infleuntial last night (more on that in my regular round-up feature), and it was a sad way to end his involvement in the match. After last week's incidents involving Petr Cech and Carlo Cudiccini, Petkovic's shin break was a reminder of the bravery (or madness) required to be a good keeper.